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We invite you to take a look around and post and reply to videos – as many as you like.


Create New Posts using our simple interface. Then Share them with your friends and invite them to answer! Embed your StoryApp anywhere on the web to create and engage in SheSpeaks StoryShare's TRULY interactive video experience.


You can record videos live or upload pre-recorded videos from your computer or mobile device.


Watch Video Posts

When you land on SheSpeaks StoryShare, you will see the featured and most recent video questions. To see more questions, click More. You can Search for videos by category, author or keyword.


To watch to a video, click the play icon in the thumbnail picture. The video will automatically play followed by the replies - the most recent response first. You can skip ahead in the replies by clicking on the reply bubbles that interest you.


Create a Video Post

To record a video, click New Post. SheSpeaks StoryShare will ask you for access to your device’s camera and microphone. Only when you accept this will your webcam connect with us, enabling you to record.


Then, select a category and type in your text headline so users know what the video is about. All the words you use will be searchable to make it easier for users to find your video based on the topic or key words.


Then click Record. You can either record your answer on StoryShare or upload a previously recorded video. When the countdown is up, start talking! When done, click Stop.


In a few seconds, your video will be processed. You can then preview your video post. If you would like to re-record your video, click Redo. When you are happy with your video, click Save.



Remember to Share your question with friends and others on social networks. From StoryShare when you click Share you can share the URL on Facebook or Twitter. From Share, you can also click Embed that will create unique Html to place StoryApps, on websites of your choice across the web.


Users can access StoryApps across the internet and can answer questions directly from the location where you embed the StoryApp. The StoryApp on that site will update, as will SheSpeaks StoryShare.


Record your Reply

Responding to a video post is as easy as recording a post. Click on Reply next to the question video. You can either record your answer on the site or upload a previously recorded video.


Select Reply and then follow flow of the interface. When done, click on Stop. You can replay and/or Redo the video. When you are happy, click Submit.


Flag Inappropriate Content

In order for StoryShare to be a user-managed community, we are asking for your help. If you see a video that you believe is not consistent with our terms and conditions, let us know by clicking the little white flag in the upper right corner of that specific video.


As soon as you notify us we’ll take a look and remove any inappropriate content. We, the SheSpeaks StoryShare community, appreciate your help!

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